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custom time zones for MT4 - does this affect the EA?

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koquant 2016.07.18 08:54 

Hey guys,

I'm considering on adding the custom time zone app with FXCM - see link here:


This should make the time of each candlesticks reflect your actual time zone. Would this have an affect on my EA?

 Say for example, if I wanted my EA to trade after the 9th hour candlestick, would that apply to my local time or the host server time?


Thanks in advance 

whroeder1 2016.07.18 13:50  
  1. Please use the link button Use the link button See the difference? Custom Time Zones - FXCM Apps Store

  2. It's an indicator. Won't affect the EA unless the EA is coded to look at it.
  3. Depends on how your EA is coded, does it look at local time or bar time?
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