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Are you accustomed to using the standard library? MQL5 has one!
unfilt3 2016.07.14 14:21 

I'm using MetaTrader 4 for Android and wanted to set up my client with Avatrade, though I'm unable to choose the appropriate server since all servers (but the demo server) appears in Chinese (I assume). Please see the attached screenshot.

My phone is set up in British English. All other items in MetaTrader 4 for Android appear in English.

I'm using the client downloaded from the MetaTrader website (apk file, build 954 from June 6th) since I don't use Google Play. I've also tried another, older version from last year from another source, with the same effect.

I've also tried deleting the data of the app (also in between installing the different versions).

I'd really appreciate help on this issue.


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