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Question about scalping EA

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masoud0455_a 2016.07.08 21:33 

This is the statement of a friend. I think this is a scalp EA.

 I have been learning MQL4 since 4 month ago and I'd like to create an EA like this statement.

Could you please give me some example files of Scalp EA like this to see the code an make this kind of EA.

Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro 2016.07.08 21:41  

The are plenty of EA examples (including Scalping EAs) in the Code Base section. However, should coding your own EA be too complex for you, then I suggest you decide on a budget a place a Job request in the Freelance section.

masoud0455_a 2016.07.08 23:39  

Thank you dear Fernando.

you always help me, I think about your idea. I have studied IT in collage and I am good at programming. I think about placing a job request in the Freelance section. I hope to create my profitable scalping EA in the near future.

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