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Real EA full report

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adibi83 2016.06.30 05:33 

Hi there

Does anyone know how to get a full report on a real EA like the one in the back testing (with statistics and chart)?


Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro 2016.06.30 07:51  

You can get a Full Detail Report with Statistics for your all trades (depending on History Size) on a account, but not for only one particular EA if your are using more than one on that account.

If you have trades from multiple EA's on an account, then you will have to use 3rd party tools, like "MyFXBook" (website) or "Quant Analyzer" (desktop app), to report only on trades based on a certain Magic number, in order to filter out just that one EA.

Alternatively, build your own Script to collect the data and produce your own report.

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