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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2016.05.16 14:24 

New article Graphical Interfaces V: The Vertical and Horizontal Scrollbar (Chapter 1) has been published:

We are still discussing the development of the library for creating graphical interfaces in the MetaTrader environment. In the first article of the fifth part of the series, we will write classes for creating vertical and horizontal scrollbars.

A scrollbar is used in different list views and tables when the data set does not fit a designated area. The main objects of the scrollbar are buttons for moving the data by one step and a slider for the quick movement of the data by dragging it with the left mouse button pressed down.

We will compose the scrollbar of five graphical objects.

  1. Main background.
  2. Background of the slider area.
  3. Two buttons for moving data by one step.
  4. Slider for the quick movement of the data.


Fig. 1. Compound parts of the scrollbar control.

Author: Anatoli Kazharski

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