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paranoyakX 2016.05.02 13:32 


When I run my code at backtest for optimization, even skip useless result option is unchecked I can not see any negative results. Also there are 400 combination of my parameters but I just see at most 180 passes. as I said "skip useless result" is unchecked.

 why could this be happened ? where are missing passes.

there is a important side effect of this, a result that calculated before is not showing at the next calculation (I made the calculation at weekend and for the same date range and same parameters).

edit: I saw the records at journey:


2016.05.02 16:31:13.786 MG_DOWN_BUY: optimization finished in 0:04:05, 232 cache records were used, 232 cache records rejected

I find the cache file and delete it and run again. still missing passes and journey record:

 2016.05.02 16:51:07.011 MG_DOWN_BUY: optimization finished in 0:04:25, 236 cache records were used, 236 cache records rejected

why did these 236 cache records rejected ?

paranoyakX 2016.05.02 14:03  
sorry to bother. I found "generic algorithm at export properties. and uncheck it. thanks a lot.
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