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random bug on strategy tester mt4? default (666)

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aminlv 2016.03.28 19:37 

hello guys,


well fairly i'm new to mql programming so i'm not sure its a bug or what!

while i was testing my ea noticed there are few orders not actually created by my codes!

first i thought my code logic is wrong or something to check that idea i hashed out most my code and now i got only 1 ordersend function with specific order comment "Trend" so i can track of it

and most are correct when i check visual i get bunch of arrow with this sorta information #4 buy 0.05 EURUSD at 1.1284 /Trend (666)

however i still see some order like these #1 buy 0.05 EURUSD at 1.1275/ default (666) they appear on visual testing without any sl or tp ...!


wondering what might cause such a thing and how can i fix this issue!


thank you in advance 

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2016.03.28 22:20  
We cannot help if you don't show the code
whroeder1 2016.03.29 13:32  
Did you create a template (<EAname>.tpl, tester.tpl or default.tpl) that has embedded objects? Open a chart, apply the template, check for objects (cntl-B). Delete them and resave the template.
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