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Order of indicator within a template

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I have 3 indicators and I want to create a template out of them.Now I know how to do that.The problem is the indicator use 'EventChartCustom' ,which means the event subscription need to happen over precedence.

For example


Indicator1 needs to first initialized so that it is ready to receive event.-LISTNER

Indicator2 needs to be initialized next which is also going to receive event.-LISTNER

Indicator3 needs to be initialized last ,it would start publishing event as soon as  it is initialized.-PUBLISHER


Now how can I store them as a template and still maintain the order in which they are initialized?




Ex Ovo Omnia
Ex Ovo Omnia  
You should not fix improper messaging by a hope that everything happens in the expected order. You need to develop a handshake, where listeners register with the publisher first.
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