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Reading only one cell of a group of records with several columns - page 2

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macpee 2016.03.22 14:18  

From the answers I have received so far, I understand that the FileReadString() command reads the line following the previous line it has read as long as the file is open between the first reading and the last reading. In other words, if you give a command to read a file three times, then three consecutive lines are read one after the other, starting from the first line to the last line out of the three. In that case, we have employed a loop operation to read the file three times, after which all three lines of the file must have read. This method involves reading the lines you do not intend to read until control has gotten to the line you intend to read, then you pause control from further reading. This may be tasking if you have about 10,000 records and you want to read the 9,000th record. It can slow down the system program. I want to be able to read a line directly. May be I need to use the FileSeek() function or maybe the FileTell() function. I know of this command but I do not know how to use it. The e-books I have read have not succeeded in educating me on that. Can anybody be of help please? Thank you in advance.

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