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Metatrader Installation under windows 8.1

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Daniel Adrien Laverdiere
Daniel Adrien Laverdiere 2016.03.12 10:21 

Hi ... I recently bought a new laptop...

Unfortunately for me i bought a ACER with a 32 Gigs SSD... of course, it became full in no time...

I see that metatrader datas are on C:\user\MyUserName\AppData\Roamimg\Metaquote...

Those datas keeps accumulating without end... and of course i had to remove many programs i would like to use...

 So my question is: Can we install Metatrader 4 on a D: drive ALONG with its HUGE datas... I mean everything so that my C: drive stays available TO ME... ?


Thanks, Dan 

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2016.03.12 11:05  

I assume that SSD stands for solid state hard drive?

If you are using any indicators or EAs that have a lot of Prints, the Experts/Journal logs can get extremely large in no time, especially when testing. Make sure that you delete the old logs regularly.

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