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I want to get the High price for the next higher timeframe

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Ash 2016.02.23 02:01 

I have this code &  i am trying to get the High for the next higher timeframe. If it is M1 then M15 ; if M15 then M30 etc. 


however this is not working. please help 

int timeFrame[] = {1,5,15,30,60,240,360,1440,10080,43200},nextTF;

int init()
for(int i=0;i<ArraySize(timeFrame);i++){
if(i==ArraySize(timeFrame)-1){nextTF=timeFrame[i];Print("Sorry maximum time frame reached");break;}
if(timeFrame[i]==Period()){nextTF=timeFrame[i+1];break;Print("i "+i);}
if( Period() == PERIOD_M5 )

      whroeder1 2016.02.23 12:27  
      Where do you set the variable t?
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