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Installation problems with MT4 on a PlayOnMac

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peppino fiori
peppino fiori  

Hello everyone, I am looking for anyone that could help me to install the Metatrader 4 on my Apple iMac.

I have installed the PlayOnMac in my computer, and I have also installed the MT5 without any problems, but when it comes to installing the MT4 I just can't, to say that several months ago I did use the MT4 with PlayOnMac on the same computer without any problems.

When trying to install it it comes a wizard window saying that :

"< The target virtual drive metatrader 4 already exists 

Overwrite (usually works, no guarantee)

Erase (virtual drive content will be lost)

Abort installation >"; I press next, and after what appear the initial installation process begins another window from the PlayOnMac wizard appears, saying the following error message in a window :

"< Error in POL_Shortcut

Binary not found:terminal. exe 

Have you installed the programme to the default location ? >" 


Please help if anyone have encountered such problem and resolved.


Thank you



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