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5 Day NY close feed in UK

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Egan Mac'Egan
Egan Mac'Egan 2016.02.17 11:19 

Hi Guys new to this. spent hours on line with no insight.

How do I get my charts to show 5 day NY close. I am in UK using a UK spread bet broker (No help from there).

Ive tried reloading  MT4 from US sites But keep getting asked for a proxy server???

Rgds Egan

whroeder1 2016.02.17 12:45  

The timezone comes from your broker; the terminal is irrelevant.

  1. Find a broker that uses NY+7 timezone (so end of day is 5pm NY)
  2. Find/write an offline generator that changes the timezone
  3. Find/write an indicator that marks 5pm NY bar.
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