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Roland Rendl
Roland Rendl 2016.01.28 20:40 

I want to switch from trading on demo to trading live, but want to have the demo-platform as a reverence. 

Is there a procedure to "clone" a MT4-platform with all EAs, Charts, Settings ?

Thanks in advance


Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2016.01.29 09:54  
I would install mt4 a second time. One for demo one for real
Ovo Cz
Ovo Cz 2016.01.29 12:17  

Anyway, you still may create a blind copy, it would work, though it lacks some features like Uninstall or standard shortcuts.

Or, you may combine - first install a clean one and immediately replace the installation folder by a copy.

honest_knave 2016.01.29 12:33  
If you run in portable mode, you can simply copy the entire folder.
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