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Ernest Klokow
Ernest Klokow 2016.01.26 19:51 

I have discovered that when you download data from some brokers the data arrives in GMT 0 format - no matter what the DST of the broker is, e.g. European DST.

I ran tests on this data and then another test on the data in my MT4 history file folder and it seems that this data is also in GMT 0 format. Is this correct or am I making a mistake. Is all data always stored in GMT 0 format no matter on what GMT the data was displayed at on the charts?

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2016.01.26 20:45  
It always depends on the data provider.
Wang Qi
Wang Qi 2016.01.27 04:10  

How do you know your data is in GMT+0?

If it's true, you data is quite problematic.

For New York close bar time, the start time of a day candle should start at GMT+2 in standard time and GMT+3 in DST.

Usually your candle should not be in GMT+0.

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