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Need help !

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marry 2016.01.25 13:18 

Hi all !

i'm sorry, i'm new here and i don't know were i can find answers to my questions, i hope here i could have some ideas and answers. I read about trading robots and i'll like to have your advice and ideas about them. is that a good or it's another scam?  on one site <Link Deleted> they wrote that it's possible to earn more than 1 000$ in a couple of hour, is that possible? do Meta trader has a trading robot? 

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2016.01.25 19:49  
Do not post links to commercial websites, you will be banned
Edi Dimitrovski
Edi Dimitrovski 2016.01.25 20:08  
I don 't know, I remember I watched 1 video on 'youtube' maybe few years ago, and on the video EA made 1M from 1k within an hour, and it wasn't trick, maybe you can find it.
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