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Return from ShellExecute

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Hi guys,


My shellexecute is calling a python class which would return some value.

How can I get this value?

Here is what I am doing but its only returning 42.Any amount of help would be great.


#import "shell32.dll"
string ShellExecuteW(
    int hwnd,
    string Operation,
    string File,
    string Parameters,
    string Directory,
    int ShowCmd
int OnInit()
string strUrl="";
string directory="C:\\Desktop\\python\\";
string value= Shell32::ShellExecuteW(0, "open", strUrl, "1 2", directory, 1);
return 1;
Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber  

a ) create a local web-site and read it from there,

b) save it to a local file and read the file - but you have to wait (Sleep) until ShellExecute has finished!

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