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Closing price 15 periods ahead

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Selvan 2016.01.12 18:04 

Dear sir

To Refer Future Bars in Amirbroker we can use

Ref( ARRAY, period )

The formula "ref( CLOSE, -14 )" returns the closing price 14 periods ago. Thus, you could write the 14-day price rate-of-change (expressed in points) as "C - ref( C, -14 )." The formula "ref( C, 12 )" returns the closing price 12 periods ahead (this means looking up the future)

what is the equivalent in MQL4, How to Refer Future Price  like above.

Please Give me an Fully Solved Example.

whroeder1 2016.01.12 21:21  

There is no future price; the future is unknown.

I doubt you can get the future price in Amibroker but if you can why come here? Just open an order in the direction of the future price.

Selvan 2016.01.13 16:57  

i understood , and i am sorry

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