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sound problems

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andrej33 2015.12.03 11:27 

My computer (system 7) sounds fine until i turn on mt4 (version 4.00 Build 920)  Was fine until a couple days ago. Sounds when MT4 is on work but are very distorted like something got corrupted.  As far as i know nothing got changed.  Any ideas?



Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2015.12.03 11:51  

That is interesting.

The Thai television programs are mostly screaming, shouting, crying, all in an over-acting way with really annoying cartoon sound effects. I sometimes have to escape with my headphones and music videos. This last month or so, I have noticed that the sound is distorted on some, not all videos. I thought that a virus may have corrupted the files or something like that. I always have MT4 open so I will have to check whether it makes a difference if I close MT4. I am still on XP, I guess that I will be upgrading with a new computer and operating system soon. 

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