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Heloo All,

 My EA uses the below piece of code.

  double vask    = MarketInfo("EURUSD",MODE_ASK);


I am using this on a USDJPY currency chart. I am getting error code 139.

error code 139 is related to prices. I used normalised function on vask. That didn't help. While if I change the currency to USDJPY and then use plain "Ask", my order goes. Can someone please help me?

  1. 139


    Order is locked

    Not related to prices
  2. Do not trade multiple currencies
    • You can't use any predefined variables, can't use the tester, must poll (not OnTick,) and usually other problems.
    • Code it to trade the chart pair only. Look at the others if you must.
    • Then put it on other charts to trade the other pairs. Done.
  3. Do NOT use NormalizeDouble, EVER. For ANY Reason. It's a kludge, don't use it. It's use is always wrong
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