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Export EA triggered data and data n periods after trigger to csv?

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Salut folks,

I have my own EA created and managed to use the ExportCSV command to output the data when my EA triggers an alert however I am uncertain of how to do the following:

1. Add to the file instead of replace the file each time? I.e 1st output in row 1 then second time output comes n periods later output to row 2 etc.

2. I also want to write the same values into the file n periods later.

For example:

My EA triggers an alert at 08h14:00 and the EA data at that time is written to a csv file?

I then want to output all the EA data at 08h19:00 to the same csv file as a new row?

Any ideas on what to read up on to try and get this working?

Much appreciated.

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