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Backtest for 1 day of data only.

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Hi all, 


I wonder could you help me with a question.  I'm trying to backtest a very simple EA, that buys if one indicator is greater than my other indicator. 

In order to fully comprehend what the back-tester is doing, I want to control my data input, i.e. my price signal.


In the history center, I have manually deleted all stored data-points for the Cotton price signal and input my own values for a certain date. At 00:00 the price is 1, at 00:30 the price is 2, and so on for 20 datapoints.  


My question is this - I do not get any indicator output using the backtester if 'Cotton' has only 1 day worth of data, despite my running the Backtester over that day only. 

I get over the problem if I add in a number of historical values before by chosen '1-20 day'.


I don't understand why this is. Surely the backtester should just run on the data that I have input? I am pretty sure that my indicators aren't looking for data that goes back this far.

Anyone come across this before?


Thanks for your help.  

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