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evilroach 2015.10.17 01:20 

Hi, I need a local copy of mql4 reference book such as mql4.chm or mql4.pdf, so that I can search reference doc when I am offline.
But I can not find it anywhere, I only find mql5.pdf and mql5.chm.
Does anyone knows where is it ? or it was deprecated by official ?

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2015.10.17 08:17  

There is a link at the top of the page: Book. There you'll find: Book in One File. I think that what you're looking for.

But it doesn't work for me, neither can I openthe dldl chm-file in my browser: "Navigation to that web-apge was interrupted, enter an other address"

nor can I convert this to a valid pdf (cant't attach pdfs):

whroeder1 2015.10.17 12:41  
  1. Download link worked fine.
  2. After DL, you have to unblock it. (right click->properties->general)
  3. It has not been updated for build 600+
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