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fxtrader_ 2015.10.04 12:48 

Hi all,

In the below code I'm try to ( subtract A Value From High in the 0 bar ) , can any help please.

   double MAv = iMA( NULL, 0, 13, 0, 0, 0, 0);
   double spread = MarketInfo (Symbol(), MODE_SPREAD);
   double minlot = MarketInfo (Symbol(), MODE_MINLOT);
   double maxlot = MarketInfo (Symbol(), MODE_MAXLOT);
   double step = MarketInfo (Symbol(), MODE_LOTSTEP);
   double margin = MarketInfo (Symbol(), MODE_MARGINREQUIRED);
   double leverage = NormalizeDouble ((Bid/(margin/100))*1000,0);

     string SPREAD="",PIPS="",HILO="", MAVV="";
      double OPEN = iOpen(NULL,0,0);
      double CLOSE = iClose(NULL,0,0);
      double SPRD = (Ask - Bid)/Point;
      double High_Today = iHigh(NULL,0,0);
      double Low_Today = iLow(NULL,0,0);
         PIPS =  DoubleToStr((CLOSE-OPEN)/Point,0);
         SPREAD = (DoubleToStr(SPRD,Digits-4));
         HILO = DoubleToStr((High_Today-Low_Today)/Point,0);
         MAVV = (DoubleToStr(MAv,Digits));
      Comment( "SPREAD "+DoubleToStr(SPRD/10,1),""
         "\n", "PIPS TO OPEN "+PIPS,""
         "\n", "Hi TO Low "+HILO,""
         "\n", "MIN LOT "+minlot,""
         "\n", "MAX LOT "+maxlot,""
         "\n", "STEP "+step,""
         "\n", "MA 13  "+MAVV,""
         "\n", "CLOSE "+CLOSE,""
         "\n",                                   // here i need the subtracted results  ( MAVV - High_Today)
                                                 // if price ballow MA or Low_Today if price above MA )
         "\n", "MARGIN "+DoubleToStr(margin/100,2));

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2015.10.04 13:00  
      double High_Today = iHigh(NULL,0,0);
will only get today's high if it is attached to the D1 chart. Otherwise it will get the high of the current chart time-frame.
fxtrader_ 2015.10.04 13:16  

Tha above coe work with any time frame, BUT i'n not able to do the math for subtract.

whroeder1 2015.10.05 00:08  
Your statement and your image does does not make sense. 1.109078 - 1.08896 = 0.020118 not 182.
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