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Introducing MQuantm37 - Expert Advisor to find and trade based on candlesticks and indicators

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Joao Pereira
Joao Pereira  

Hello all, 

 I've been developing and trading with systems based mostly on candlesticks. Because I am a programmer, I start coding a Metatrader4 program to help me. I believe it can help more people as the program is very configurable and extensible.

Is is still under development and needs testing with more pairs than the EURUSD that is the main used until now. I am developing it so it can be useful for me and for many other people trading using Metatrader4.

 I leaned a lot in the process and still learning. The program uses Object Oriented principles so the code can be reused and since I have a background in Java/C++/C it was a small learning curve. 

 I will appreciate to have your feedback on the program and if anyone interested in contributing, the code is in a Source Control Systems (git) that I can share with the right persons.

For now, I am in the process of document the functionalities and features of the program and you can have a look at the site for documentation and for some posts (go to blog) about the program.

Any feedback would be great.

Thank you very much and see 

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