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MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_POINT) fails when expert compiled with '#property strict'?

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MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_POINT) will return gibberish when expert is compiled with '#property strict'?

I just turned again into playing with mql and got into this issue. Anyone know anything about it? 

[UPDATE] it appears the same when using Point property.

This happens to me in strategy tester. The logs says something like:

2015.09.05 18:51:42.839 2015.09.03 23:56  MyExpert EURUSD,M1: info Bid: 1.11247 ask: 1.11397 point: 1e-005

  1. Returns exactly the same as Point() or _Point. In your case 0.00001. 1e-005 == 0.00001.
  2. RTFM Print - MQL4 Documentation
    Data of double type are shown with the accuracy of up to  16 digits after a decimal point, and can be output either in traditional or in scientific format, depending on what entry will be more compact.
  3. If you want to print number properly in strict, format it.
    string  price_as_string(double p){return DoubleToStr(p,_Digits); } 
  4. Don't double post
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