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Scam Aware!

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George Brown
George Brown 2015.08.27 12:26 

Hi guys,

I just want to inform you of the latest scam binary options software called 3 week millionaire released into the market by those scam developers.

Please beware of the developer and his fake software and take note that his main aim is to make you lose money not to gain it. Once you subscribe to them, deposit with their affiliated broker and turn the software on - you will only be getting losing trades until your trading capital is totally wiped out.

I've done a thorough review of them:<Link Removed> so you will know what you're actually getting yourself into before it is too late.

Our main job is to expose these scammers and how they go about scamming people off their hard-earned money- so there's no reason for to fall victim for them.

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2015.08.27 12:44  

2 posts basically the same, by apparently 2 different people within minutes of each other!

I wonder what scam is on offer at the link???? 

SpencerPagan 2016.08.08 13:25  

Thanks for making us aware about this scam. Today we are seeing numerous advertisements promising to make us millionaire overnight. But without knowing how legitimate they are, you can’t start blindly enter in the market? There are many evidence of frauds occurs in terms of impressive financial gains. It’s essential to know scammers before things can promptly spiral out of control. Fortunately, many websites like<Link Removed>are constantly updating the list of bad brokers and providing relevant information to the investors. If we work hard, follow a right system and strategies there is always a great chance to earn profit in this trading too. 

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