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What about a single process of modifying stops?

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Subgenius 2015.08.24 23:27 

could it be possible to have one open orders pool loop for multiple pairs / periods?

one for all orders is better than 12 running simultaneously just for moving stops.

for practicality it would seem to only be needed if there are orders open and while a pc might spread its workload

over multiple cores its not likely unless your pc is low on processor cache but then your saving resources by only

having one order pool loop and not 12. only the historic order pool has anything to do with local resources.

whroeder1 2015.08.25 14:16  
  1. Possible yes. But you can't use any predefined variables, must poll all other pairs each tick, can only modify one pair at a time, and will use only one core.
  2. Only 1 of the 12 run when a tick for that pair is received.
  3. Order pool is also a local resource. Only OrderSend/Modify/Close/Delete are server calls.
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