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Suggestion: Add GetIndexLabel(...) function for indicators

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I am developing a ForexStrength indicator. This indicator shows the strength of 28 Forex pairs according to market conditions. 

Everything is ok with the indicator if I draw the outputs to the chart.

But now I want the outputs to be written to Custom Indicator Buffers (thanks new MT4 I can do it, in previous I had the limitation of the 7 maximum indicator buffers ). I want to give the outputs sorted from maximum value to minimum value, in this way: 

So, I should be able, somehow, to output to the buffers the tuples pair-value. But here are the problems:

- I cannot use string buffers as Indicator Buffers, only numbers.

- I was thinking in changing the label of the buffer, and then read the label again in the EA where I want to use this indicator. But how? There's no function for reading the label.


Of course, there are some workarounds, like don't giving the output sorted, and give the output by alphabetic order of the symbols... but it is cumbersome, as then in the EA or wherever I use this indicator I have to do the sorting again, and do the guessing again of the symbols... (The indicator doesn't have an input for the pairs, it 'guesses' them from symbols.sel file).

So, the thing is:

Do you have any suggestions or ideas in order to make it work like I pretend?




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