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Switching from Ninjascript to MQL4

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 I'm thinking about learning MQL4; I wasn't at first because I thought that Ninjatrader would be enough. Pretty much all of my strategies created be me to enter a trade as soon as the conditions are satisfied--not after the bar has been completed. It

was a reason why it is done like that with Ninjatrader because the back-tester cannot see the tick data. Another reason why I'm thinking about switching over to MQL4 is because using order management is difficult to use without bugs. If you just

create a simple strategy with a profit target and stop-loss, you will be fine. As soon as you wanting to move your stop-loss to breakeven when one of your conditions is satisfied, you start running into issues. I'm going to be fair and say that it might

be me, the programmer, that not knowing how to use them appropriately. I did read the notes and used the correct syntax, but I still find myself spending too much time on just order management. The last thing, which I really hate with a passion and

I'm not sure if they are going to fix it in NJ8, is the nonexistent work-space. I used many softwares in my life and absolutely none of them do this. That is a huge hint that NinjaTrader shouldn't either. When no else isn't doing it, that means that it is a

problem with it. Basically, everything in NJ7 is just a window--no workspaces. If you programming or doing other things on your computer, you find yourself re-arranging your windows when that is a problem, you shouldn't have to worry about.


So with all of those short-comings, does MT4 program allow me to place trades intrabar in back-testing.  Is order management easy to work with or is it bug prone? I did look at the framework and I noticed that MQL4 doesn't believe in using overloaded

functions which can be a pain for me. Overloading a function is a useful feature, it allows me to only pass in parameters that I care about and set the others to default. Some of the parameters that I had to pass in had me scratching my head wondering

what goes there. I'm not bashing Ninjatrader. It is a very powerful software and customer service is great.



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