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Chartopen error

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maindoor 2015.07.15 00:29 


I'm using an old mql4 editor (build 509) to compile and modify an existing indicator and

would like to use ChartOpen(). All I need to do is just compile so I can copy the ex4

to the new MT4 (build 840) and use ChartOpen like it was intended.

I added some code like this to just take the call in this format and link it run time.

extern int ChartOpen(string symbol, int period);

But when I compile it says:

ChartOpen: no dll defined for the imported function.

Is there any other way to get this to work ?

maindoor 2015.07.15 02:12  

Or can I compile the existing indicator as a library ".ex4" and use that in the new indicator

on newer builds hooking all the necessary init and deinit etc ?

maindoor 2015.07.15 05:22  

To answer myself: Yes, using it as a library is a better option here.

JD4 2015.07.15 05:28  
Glad we could help.  :P
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