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Will FOREX make me reach soon?

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Pushtir Kono
Pushtir Kono 2015.07.11 11:58 
Hi! I want to know that, If I invest in FOREX, will I be reach soon? or what is the purpose of FOREX to make reach?
Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2015.07.11 13:33  

Reach what?

make reach?  - What does that mean? 

Paul Garlick
Paul Garlick 2015.07.11 13:42  

Reach what?

make reach?  - What does that mean? 

I believe he means rich!
whroeder1 2015.07.11 13:49  
Pushtir1 what is the purpose of FOREX
  1. Forex is a market, just like the stock market or commodities markets.
  2. 95% of traders loose money. We have no idea which group you would be in.
JD4 2015.07.11 19:46  

The purpose of ForEx is as WH said, a trading market.  It allows traders to buy and sell to each other, big countries as well as the trader working out of their house.  If you want to get rich (we think that is what you meant by reach) trading the ForEx market, you have a lot of hard work ahead of you; education, practice, and finding or building a trading system that works for you, for starters.

Edit:  Can you get rich trading forex?  Yes, it is possible.  Soon?  While there IS a very small chance that could happen, as many people have said on here, I wouldn't count on it being quick.

Trend 2015.07.12 06:17  
This is most common bluff that is given by agents who tries to trap new clients. There is no way you can get rick quickly. This is a business and every business demands time and efforts besides investment. If anyone is putting these three things in forex, he can get good returns.
SurtiTrader 2015.07.12 06:59  
I think you want to say rich. Yes, proper knowledge of market and Forex Trading and ample amount of patience can make you rich.
Olumide Samson
Olumide Samson 2015.07.12 21:43  

A litte about my journey into forex

You can be rich in forex if you have a good strategy....

It took me years after losing all i have and most of friend's $$$$ before i could get a beautifully created strategy which involves many Powerful Factors.

It's addition of Scalping and Time-based Signal as Exits

Entry: Combo Trading, but always with some trending moves....

I trade 5mins with Combination of 1 Hour + Confirmation from 4 Hours and Daily Candles Using Price Action And Candlestick Strategy..

I trade The News if i think its worth trading....

My Entry is after news release < 0.10 Seconds

The best thing to do about forex is you should always separate your profits from capitals....

Either By Withdrawing it or Transferring to another Safe Place...

Coz, You'll always want to risk higher as the profit booms higher...

At least If I have $10000 Profit In a week, i withdraw $8000 from it and leave $2000 to continue trading with it...

Which means if i am using 1 lot entry before, i'll add maybe 1.20 lot..

I'm a Cool Programmer With Little Knowledge that makes money for me..Yea, Little i might say.

I think you should try learning well and either meet with Cooler experts to show you the way....

You'll make it if you could learn it and be patient with your Positions.

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