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Need help with EA

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Yaseen 2015.07.09 10:30 

Hi Guys!

Im currently developing an EA System and would like some help on a certain thing. Basically the idea behind this system is that it will open a trade and wait for the price to rise and if the price drops by two ticks from the High of the current bar it will close the trade and then open another trade in the opposite direction and double the lots. The only thing im stuck on is having the EA wait for the open trade to rise and then drop in price by two ticks and close the trade... Also this system is based on a 1min period

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2015.07.09 11:03  

Simple, get the high price of the current bar and see if the current price is 2 ticks or more lower.

Mind you, it depends on what you define as a tick here.

I can save you a lot of trouble, thousands of traders have already had this idea and found that it doesn't create profits. 

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