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Delayed response MT4

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57002 2015.06.29 20:36 

Hi traders i am using mt4 demo version and trading forex. I have an issue with delay response on my profit limits. Today it happend multiple times that the platorm didnt get me out after i reached my profit target. Even if i move the profit target in some direction to refresh it mt4 just did not execute it.

I experience this only when selling. Is something wrong with my setup or its just some lags in demo ?

Thx in advance for explain


Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2015.06.29 22:37  
Sells are settled at ask. So the bid price on the chart has to hit the TP level minus the spread
whroeder1 2015.06.30 00:35  
  1. Turn on the Ask line so you see how big the spread is. Like GumRai said, the order should close when the Ask hits the TP.
  2. "mt4 just did not execute it." Mt4 doesn't close the order, the broker's server does, except in the tester.
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