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Indicator Body Candle

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Dario 2015.06.28 10:10 
Hello everyone, I'm a new member. These days I am considering different strategies, I'm looking for an indicator that I consider the body of the candle. I do not know if it's possible, but I wish the indicator tells me while the candle is still forming, that is, if the candle reaches + 50pips for example. This way when the candle closes, can + quickly to make a decision whether to enter or better. Thanks to everybody
whroeder1 2015.06.28 11:36  
Why do you need an indicator? Just look at the candle.
JD4 2015.06.28 17:29  
Adds another visual layer, a flag waving to get your attention when a certain candle meets certain criteria.  As far as actually having one, there might be one available in codebase, or the market, although this situation sounds kind of overly detailed for something to have tried making already.  You could also ask on the freelance section, toss the idea around, and see if anyone wants to take a shot at the programming.  Downside is this last solution is likely to cost you a little $.
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