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RSS Reader [Build 600+]

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Lime 2015.06.25 09:17 

Hi Coders,

I'm looking for RSS reader example (souce code) what is MT4 Build 600+ compatible.

(Sorry, but I can't use the forum search. It doesn't work - don't know why. I tried to search on Firefox and on Chrome browsers too.)

Thank you in advance.


JD4 2015.06.27 05:20  
Did you try the search capability located on the upper right of the window?  Next to your user name is a magnifying glass icon.  When you mouse over it, it opens a search topic entry area.  I am using Firefox right now, and it works just fine for me.  As far as the coding part goes, you can check the codebase in case someone else already did something like that, the market for the same thing.  Or, if that doesn't help you out, you can either learn to code your own, or go to the freelance section through the tab at the top of this window.
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