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Karish 2015.06.22 16:09 

Is there a way to reload the my Profile after a couple minutes automatically?...

lets say my EAs are trading on my Profile, is there a EA that i would load on to random chart and it will reload my Profile that im currently using after some amount of time based on timer?,


thank you! 

Cynthia 2015.06.22 16:32  

Are you sure you don't mean template ? Since when profile is reloaded your indicator is also reattached to the chart from scratch (removed and added again). You can read that here:


Loading and Unloading of Indicators


  • change of a profile (if the indicator is attached to one of the profile charts);

For template loading: 

 Make sure you understand that your templates from your mql4 indicator are saved somewhere else than the normal template since mt4 can only access files under it's sandbox.

 Good luck 

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