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PomeGranate 2015.06.24 07:17  

Do I really have to look it up for you in a dictionary, JD4? I thought you were a native speaker and affine to computers? Ask any gamer, they will tell you that:

Word Origin and History for noob


c.2000 in gamer slang, variant of newbieoften used interchangeably with it, but also often with a more derogatory shade of meaning;

newbies owe their clueless behavior to lack of experience and can improve, while the fundamental characteristic of noobs is incorrigible obnoxiousness or stupidity.

As third party links are forbidden on this forum, I leave it to you to google above citations origin and either dismiss it as irrelevant or admit you didn't really know what you were talking about.

Edith: I'd appreciate you not talking bad about me - I never offended you in any way, so don't try to pull me into your silly struggle with other forum users! 

Now BTT?!

crofti 2015.06.24 18:04  
so anyone have any clue?
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