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One Click Trading Option On MT4

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ajt1970 2015.06.15 22:06 
Why is there no way to preset a stop loss with the one click trading?  There should definitely be that option in case the market moves hard one way between the time the entry order is filled and the time a stop-loss can be placed.
honest_knave 2015.06.15 22:19  
You only need to drag the line as soon as you've placed the order to set a TP and SL.
ajt1970 2015.06.15 22:59  
Correct, but if something happens in a flash...unexpected news (think SNB discontinuing the 1.20 floor) and it would be all she wrote for your trade and account.    There needs to be the ability to have that stop-loss entered AT THE SAME TIME you enter from one click trading.  One click should send in both an entry and stop loss all in one click.  Having to go back in later to set a stop, even if it is just a few seconds, does no good when a big news event hits.
JD4 2015.06.24 03:40  
There are some EAs out there that have this capability, I think.  Did you check the marketplace from the trading platform?
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