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A_Mendez134 2015.06.11 14:15 
Is the UK forex market opposite from the US forex market ? For example if the UK sells NZD/USD does that mean the US buys NZD/USD?
darksideofthemoon 2015.06.11 16:01  

For every trade (if executed) there is a counter-party.

For retail traders it is either the broker (B-book), or the broker unloads the order to some other counter-party (liquidity provider) (A-book).

In any case there is no particular place where such a counter-party would have to reside..

JD4 2015.06.24 04:57  
To add to the above, and using your example A Mendez134, both the US and the UK could be selling NZD/USD at the same time, or both buying at the same time, although it is more likely to be individual traders doing that, not entire countries.  But 2cent is right, the location of the actual trader means very little in this case.
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