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My Problem

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Kishalay Mukherjee
Kishalay Mukherjee 2015.05.26 12:19 
Hello, from yesterday when I am trying to open mt4 my computer restarted, I have formatted my computer & install the latest version of mt4 again but the problem remain same, I can not understand after formatting computer how the problem remain same, when ever I am trying to opening mt4 by clicking the icon after few seconds computer restarted, but others programs is opening as usual, only problem in mt4. Please any body help me, I can not understand what can I do now. Thank you. 
JD4 2015.06.25 01:43  
This possible issue has been talked about in a couple of different threads.  One possible solution is based on if you are running Windows XP as your OS.  If you do not have SP3, then you will have issues running MT4 due to some of the minimum requirements the later builds of MT4 has.
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