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iCustom Signal/Indicators Freezing on MT4

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911676 2015.05.06 01:41 

I am in some need of dire technical help. I have been trying to turn a few iCustom Indicators, into Signals that will notify when a condition exists an alert and visual alert will appear on the MT4 platform. Now, I have done this in the past with non-iCustom indicators without any issues with using EA Wizard, however every time I create a signal with any iCustoms indicator and attach it to the MT4 platform it freezes up. Please Help!!! Side Note: once the Indicator is loaded on to EA Wizard, it states the indicator as iCustom......., hence I am referring to the indicators as iCustom. I will also attach the mql4 files or each of the indicators for which I am having issues with. Thank you in advance.  
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