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Syntax for calling AutoIt compiled Script (.exe) using ShellExecuteW in MT4 EA

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Olga Smirnova
Olga Smirnova  

Using the below syntax to send values from EA to AutoIt compiled script as below.

    double value1 =234
    double value2 = 678
    double  value3 = 888
    ShellExecuteW(0,0,"D:\tstScript.exe","value1 value2 value3","",1);

    Getting below error

    Access violation read to 0x000000EA in 'C:\Users\MetaQuotes\Terminal\C01E4824CB1310748719A488ACBDC5BA\MQL4\Libraries\shell32.dll'.

The below command works when invoked from Command prompt
    tstScript.exe 23 45 33

  1. There is no such executeable at "D:<TAB>stScript.exe" Character Constants - MQL4 Documentation
  2. The second argument must be a string.
  3. The argument you are passing to the script is "value1 value2 value3" not "234 678 888"
  4. Unable to run batch file - MQL4 forum

Olga Smirnova
Olga Smirnova  

Thanks for the reply. Tried the below commands suggested in the post by moving the .exe to folder C:\\Users\\user1\\AppData\\Roaming\\MetaQuotes\\Terminal\\C01E4824CB1310748719A488ACBDC5BA\\MQL4\\Files.

Script 2 & 3 works without the arguments.  But I am required to pass the arguments to this script.

Script 1 & 4 with cmd.exe , it just opens up an cmd window ( with path C:\Program Files (x86)\MAK4 Trader ) and does nothing . Am I missing anything here??

    1.  ShellExecuteW(0,"Open","cmd.exe","/C C:\\Users\\user1\\AppData\\Roaming\\MetaQuotes\\Terminal\\C01E4824CB1310748719A488ACBDC5BA\\MQL4\\Files\\tstScript.exe 45 67 88",NULL,5);
    2.  ShellExecuteW(0,"Open","C:\\Users\\user1\\AppData\\Roaming\\MetaQuotes\\Terminal\\C01E4824CB1310748719A488ACBDC5BA\\MQL4\\Files\\tstScript.exe 45 67 88",NULL,NULL,5);
    3.  ShellExecuteW(0,"Open","tstScript.exe 5 6 7 ",NULL,terminalDataPath,5);
    4. ShellExecuteW(0,"Open","cmd.exe","/C tstScript.exe 4 5 6",terminalDataPath,5);

Is this syntax a valid one, to pass dynamic arguments ?

 Here .exe is AutoIt compiled script .

 string value1 =234
    string value2 = 678 
    string value3 = 888

  ShellExecuteW(0,"Open","cmd.exe","/C tstScript.exe"+value1+" "+value2 +" "+value3,terminalDataPath,5);
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