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mar 2015.04.24 07:41 

Hi forum,

I want to plot a line on my chart and this line should be copied to the chart of another MT4 user. My idea was to do two expert advisors. The first one runs on my chart and checks if I plot a new line, remove a line, change the line properties or delete a line. Every time the expert advisor detects a change it copies all lines with their properties to a CSV-file.

That is done so far. The second expert advisor should run on another computer and controls if this CSV-file is modified. Then the expert advisor reads the line-properties of that file and prints the lines accordingly.

There is just one problem I can't solve. How can it be done that the second expert advisor gets access to the CSV-file the first expert advisor creates? Is it somehow possible to copy the file to a internet-cloud or are there other possibilites to transfer the data? Can I give the second expert advisor the IP of my first computer to read it directly from it?

Thanks for some help! 

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