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MQL4 Consolidate Orders of Same Type

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Val 2015.03.23 18:54 

Most FX brokers brokers limit the number of open deals and pending orders, typically 200, some up to 500. While this is certainly sufficient for most strategies, it will be a problem at some point when employing a pyramiding strategy.

At this time, MQL4 does not provide the functionality to consolidate open deals/orders of the same type into one position.

Does anyone know if Metaquotes will be adding this function with a future MT4 build? Or if not, is there any workaround (Script /EA)?

Thanks a lot,

SYED NAUFAL GADDAFI 2015.03.23 23:32  
Every single trade is handled uniquely which is why there is ticket number. So, no such thing as consolidate. However, using script or ea, you can group those trades and handle it how you want it.
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