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MT4 History Center - 'Shift Hours' on Import Screen

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Hi All,

Hopefully someone can assist...

I am doing an instructional video showing how to import historical 1-minute data into MT4 and get 90% quality back-test results.

I use a GMT Broker (trading week starts Sunday 2200) and the third party data I am importing is also GMT - so a straight import - great!

However, if someone is using a non-GMT Broker, say GMT +2 (So no Sunday Trading, week starts at 0000 on a Monday) and wants to import and use the same GMT data as me....

Do they simply select '+2' from the drop down 'Shift Hours' box within the Import window of History Center.....will this then ensure the data is correctly displayed on the chart?

Any advice on this question or other advice/hints that you can give me that would be beneficial to include on the video would be most helpful.

Anyone recommend a similar detailed video that's already covering this topic in depth that I could use as a template maybel?

Many thanks to you all in advance.


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