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I think your update is worst than old version. Actually really very bad.

I want to write some matters about new version for phones (android - my phone is Note 3 )

1 - When I want to close my position, I can't see my loss or profit in realtime at this screen.You changed this menu and add a graffic ..What will I do with this graphich for per second ?  Why you cancelled this menu ?? My point must be loss or profit. There are already enough graphics in other menus.. I need numbers.

2 -  In new version, we can't see our free margin. Why ? How can I know my free margin ? Why you cancelled this ?It was not defective.

3 - In old version, I could change screens between menus from up side just one touch.For example from graphics to trade menu or history. Now, I must open a  menu from left side and than I must choice another icon. Why ? Old  version was better and shorter.

5 - I closed voice but it's still working.It did not stop. In each trade, your new version is giving an alert with voice.It's not working. Please fix it.

6 - Buy limit ,sell limit, buy stop and sell stop menus. When I write a number this menu, your program is don't work.Freezing. I can't trade with these menus.

7 - New version is slower than old version . Sometimes I'm waiting 4-5 seconds for trade.Sometimes freezing..???

Can we use again meta trader 4  old  version for androids ? If possible I'll be very happy.

And when you can fix these matters ?

I hope, you answer to me


Oh yes, the new version is epouvantable!
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