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Technical Indicators Results(review of value)

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burhanck 2015.01.24 21:47 


I need help to review technical indicators' values. As you know, we are able to get value of technical indicators like macd, stochastic, rsi.

But I need to know how we can get buy or sell results from this values.

E.G. You can see technical indicator table in below page of You see value of indicators and action. I want to create this table, I have values but I need to know how I can decide there is buy or sell signal.

Can you please advice me indicator for MT4 or detailed review page to decide buy or sell signal from indicators' values?

I can accept help with money. 



Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2015.01.25 10:40  

This means an interpretations of the values of indicators - you wont find this here.

Google is your friend.
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