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Derk Wehler
Derk Wehler 2015.01.20 04:52 

Searching over previous posts, I found an old one related to this called: "Load Server History - script for MetaTrader 4".  

But I am wondering if there is a way to do this from within a script (or EA, ind) now since Build 600 (or 7xx...)?

Does anyone know of a way to get all the history from the server to which my platform is connected, so that one does not have to go over every pair on every timeframe and hit <PageUp> / <Home> until it downloads it all?

D0n 2015.01.20 09:07  
If someone could provide a description for .dat files that are downloaded from history server, then we could do it easily.
We know the links for the .dat files on server.
We can download things from internet.
We can save files to any directory.
We have period converter to make .hst files out of .dat files.

As I see, these .dat files holds M1 data and are compressed and/or encrypted somehow.
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