Open Close Mid Point

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If I am posting in the wrong area Please let me know where the correct area would be.

I have searched everywhere for an indicator that will place a horizontal line at the previous candles open close MID Point and no luck. And no the moving average set to 1 and H/L/2 is not what I want

does anyone know of one.

Would be nice if worked on any time frame.

Would be better if it were set up as an EA with an additional mid point calculation being the mid point of High and close for up candle and low and close mid point for down candle.

If you go to a daily chart and simply mark any candles open/close midpoint and then look at the next days candle it will do one of 2 things. It will either break the mid point of open close going the opposite direction of the previous day with over 90 percent of the time at least a 20 pip profit including spread so min. 40 points move or the current candle will break the previous days close high mid point if previous day was up, or close/ low if previous day was down.

The profit is there for the taking. I just can't catch all the pairs I trade and most of the time this happens at the London session and I am in the states so I miss it.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks Barry

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